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Aaron Heth

I'm passionate about digital product design and approach every project—whether it's UI, print, or branding—as an interaction challenge. I look at interaction design as narrative design: every user experience has a beginning, an end, and a story along the way unique to that user. Design is contextual, and putting all the pieces into context is how we create an immersive, memorable story.

But you've heard all this before, and visited countless designer's portfolios with big quirky headlines talking about how passionate they are, so what makes me any different?

I've been lucky enough to tackle projects from a ton of different viewpoints. I've helped tech startups define their vision, I've worked with corporations and their strict guidelines, and for the past 5 years, I've started and grown companies and experienced the challenges of small businesses first hand. That experience has taught me about hiring and managing teams, building relationships with key accounts, and managing projects and their budgets. I've spent...more time in Excel than I ever expected. I've made the logo bigger, and I liked it.

These experiences have given me a unique insight into the different needs of projects, products, and teams. Lately, I've loved delving into app and game UI as well as motion design. I'd love to hear about your project and find out if I may be able to help.

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